The Best of ELF 2018 PART 1 – 2018 Reviews fo Elf’s Nourishing Facial Oil, Blemis Control Face Primer, Hydrating Coconut Mist, Pro Eyelash Curler, Beauty Shield Smoothing Eye Serum, Soothing Sheet Masks, and More!

The Best of ELF 2018 PART 1

2018 Reviews fo Elf’s Nourishing Facial Oil, Blemis Control Face Primer, Hydrating Coconut Mist, Pro Eyelash Curler, Beauty Shield Smoothing Eye Serum, Soothing Sheet Masks, and More!

2018 Reviews fo Elf’s Nourishing Facial Oil, Blemis Control Face Primer, Hydrating Coconut Mist, Pro Eyelash Curler, Beauty Shield Smoothing Eye Serum, Soothing Sheet Masks, and More!

Hello Hello!  I am still in the process of testing most of the elf items I purchased this spring and summer.  I basically bought a little bit of everything and figured I would test it all so you wouldn’t have to.  Right now, I am ready to make a list of what I think are the best of their newest products.  These are all items I have never tried before and many are tagged as “NEW” on Elf’s website.  I had to split my list into 3 parts and I am really not listing anything in any particular order.  These are just the products that I have been most impressed with so far.  I hope you will enjoy this post and maybe even try one of these products yourself!!!

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This is one product that tells me that Elf Cosmetics is serious about stepping up beyond just affordable drugstore makeup and into the world of skincare.  I was honestly hesitant about buying this at first but it so far it works great and is comparable to other products on my vanity that sell for up to 7x as much.  I appreciate that it comes in smaller batches compared with other brands because face oils go bad quickly.  The amount is amply generous for the $10 price tag but isn’t so much that you will have to throw any out.  I like that about elf in general.  The same goes for their foundations, they sell between $3-6 per tube or bottle but there’s just a little less product in there compared to my Clinique foundation or Fenty bottle.  Both of which, I will likely have to eventually toss before they are finished because there’s just too much product for something with such a short shelf life.  Anyways, this nourishing oil reminds me of The Noni Glow Oil by Kora Organics.  All around, this is a solid 9.5 of a product in my book.  The one thing that would make it a 10 would be if they switched it out and packaged it in a dark bottle to help preserve the oil.  Buy at Elf Cosmetics $10


Elf cosmetics 2018 Review for

At first I wasn’t sure about this because it seems like just craft store glitter.  I am still convinced that I could probably use it for a craft if I wanted to but it was definitely made for eyes.  I paired it with elf’s Glitter Primer (an absolute must) and was impressed by how it stayed in place in this dead heat wave we are all experiencing.  It cleaned up easily and I would love to have the other colors one day!! I give this a 7.75/10.  It would probably score higher if it was being rated by someone who loves glitter makeup and I simply am really not that person 360 days of the year. Purchase at Elf Cosmetics for $4



Hey hey hey!  Now this is a damn winner.  Elf has a limited range of shades for their foundation (surprisingly they work for me) and this little add on will help anyone to find their correct shade!  I personally have 2-3 foundations that are too dark for me and using Elf’s Mix to Match Foundation Adjuster in Lighten is making a few of those work for me.  This is one of my absolute favorites of their new makeup products.  You have to try this if you struggle to find the right shade!! 10/10 because nobody else is doing this! Purchase here at Elf Cosmetics $4


elf Cosmetics Pro Eyelash Curler Product Review by Beauty explore

So everyone says that Shu Uemera or Shiseido make the best eyelash curlers and I can tell you from experience that this is mostly true.  They are consistent, which I appreciate it.  I personally have one from Tarte that I like best but it probably just works best for my eye shape or something so I use that one as my primary.  However, this Elf Pro Eyelash Curler is impressive to say the least.   I would never believe it was from a drugstore brand if I hadn’t opened it myself.  They use the word “pro” appropriately here.  9/10 on this one. Purchase at Elf Cosmetics for $4


Elf cosmetics 2018 product review BEAUTY SHIELD SMOOTHING EYE SERUM

I can’t believe this one is only $8.  This is easily a $14 product for elf brand.  It’s easy to use and has a triple roller ball applicator that dispenses the product.  It comes out quickly though, so be warned.  This is one of those products that is best if kept refrigerated.  8.5/10 for the Beauty Shield Smoothing Eye Serum. Purchase at Elf Cosmetics for $8


elf Cosmetics

Hands down MY FAVORITE SHEET MASK right now.  I go through soothing/calming ones like crazy during the summer and frankly they cost me more than I am proud to admit but this $2 Mask is a Godsend for me.  If Elf should ever discontinue this, I might just have to boycott the brand.  This is absolutely one of my essential products right now.  If you struggle with skin redness, hot flashes, rosacea, sun burn or any kind of general flush, keep this mask stocked in your fridge.   They were out of stock almost all month in July it seemed and I ran out and since I am on an official “no buy” for the month of August, I don’t know what to do.  I am really bummed.  Anyways I’m going to give this Soothing Sheet Mask an 11/10. Purchase at Elf Cosmetics for $2  


Elf Cosmetics oil control liquid lotion 2018 review Pinterest beauty explore online

Elf’s oil control liquid lotion is an extremely unique facial lotion with an almost liquid texture that works well for when you don’t want a heavy moisturizer on your skin.  For people that find most face lotions too heavy or cakey feeling, you might want to give this a try.  It absorbs instantly, almost like water on your skin.  After a few minutes you won’t even know you applied moisturizer.   Perfect for oily skin.  I hope that Elf keeps this product in their line because I have to say that I think there’s a market for a lotion like this.  Not too many people like heavy lotions that don’t absorb quickly.  A solid 9/10 on this one. Purchase at Elf Cosmetics for $6


Elf solid sponge cleanser review

This is lovely because I am obsessed with cleaning my brushes.  The charcoal in the sponge kills bacteria as well as your left over makeup on your brush.  This might seem like one of those unnecessary products but if you have acne or don’t always clean your brushes enough, you might want to take a look at the solid sponge cleanser.   It’s only $4!  Where can you go wrong.  8.5/10 but only because I am still waiting to see how long the sponge lasts.  Purchase at Elf Cosmetics for $4


Elf Blemish control face Review 2018

I don’t even get blemishes that often but I do have trouble with blackheads so a primer that has salicylic acid and tea tree oil in it helps to prevent me from getting any more.  I mask my skin WAY too often to put myself at risk for blackheads simply by applying primer.  Thanks Elf Cosmetics for this one!! I will actually be doing a full review of ALL of Elf’s primers new month so you can look forward to that.  I am going to get a little outside help with that one though.  It’s a surprise but will be lots of fun!  Anyways, this Blemish Control Primer is one I will be purchasing again!  8.75/10 for sure!   Purchase at Elf Cosmetics for $10


Elf Hydrating Coconut Mist

Again this is one of those products that are perfect for keeping in the refrigerator during these dog days of summer.  The thing that strikes me most about Elf’s Hydrating Coconut Mist is that is feels very expensive.  Even the mister on the bottle is nice.  Usually expense facial mists have these heavenly spray devices that make the product come out so gently and fine, almost like steam.  If you have ever bought Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist, you will understand what I am talking about.  It’s just delicately misty compared to Mario Badescu’s Facial Mists (while nice nonetheless) come out at you more quickly and the liquid is more like tiny droplets being tossed out at you.  Somehow Elf has created a spray bottle with more of a gentle refreshing spritz that more resembles the more expensive facial mists on the market.  So this Hydrating Coconut spray is the feel good product that is designed well above how it’s priced.   Elf has a winner with this one and I won’t be surprised if this ends up becoming a cult classic for them.  It’s a standout product among a solid line of new products.  9.75/10 Purchase at Elf Cosmetics for $6

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7 thoughts on “The Best of ELF 2018 PART 1 – 2018 Reviews fo Elf’s Nourishing Facial Oil, Blemis Control Face Primer, Hydrating Coconut Mist, Pro Eyelash Curler, Beauty Shield Smoothing Eye Serum, Soothing Sheet Masks, and More!

  1. E.l.f. is one of my least favorite brands. But I’ve really been wanting to retry them again. So this post was made for me!

    I’m still really loving this blog! It’s obvious you put a lot of work into it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t care for them in the past either but they turned things around after getting a new CEO in 2014. I can remember their eyeliners being total garbage like 6 years ago. I thought they were the worst brand ever and then I used a couple of their makeup brushes and got hooked. I can definitely recommend a couple products to start with if you are thinking of trying the brand again. And you definitely want to purchase items through their website because they have an awesome rewards program and you always get free gifts with your purchase.


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