Elf Hydrogel Under Eye Mask Product Review

Elf Eye Mask Product Review


Today I am going to be reviewing Elf’s Hydogel Under Eye Masks.  They are available in two varieties including a Charcoal version.  They are priced at $8 a box and come with 3 sets of eye masks.  Sheet masks are an essential part of my skincare routine but I don’t always use under eye masks because they are quite expensive despite the fact that I definitely struggle with dark circles and puffiness around my eyes, so they probably should be. 

When I originally put these charcoal under eye masks in my cart last month it was because elf was having a 50% off sale and I wanted to give them a try and the deep discount allowed me to not feel guilty about buying something that I wasn’t sure would work and wasn’t something I considered a necessity as of yet.  Buying these masks turned out to be a great impulse buy.  For $8 (not on sale) you get 3 sets of masks which are comparable to some of the others that I have previously used, give or take a few dollars.

 These eye masks are quite different though and the masks have more liquid in them compared with others on the market and I had a hard time getting them to stay put.  They are packaged more like Tarte’s “Pack Your Bags” under eye masks but are more slimy than Tarte’s version.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it means that they are more likely to slide down your face.  I did have to adjust a couple of times while I was wearing them and I learned that when using elf eye masks it’s best to just sit still because for me they would just fall off.  After 20 minutes or so my eyes were less puffy and more hydrated looking.  I couldn’t see the dark circles that were there before.  It was magical.  They gave me a boost of hydration and brightness that lasted throughout the day.  

Elf hydragel Under Eye Mask Product Review by Beauty explore online

Although they were a little messy, they are definitely worth the try and I suspect you will enjoy the cooling feeling that comes along with wearing these masks.  These make for a great pampering treatment and although I cannot speak to the long term results of consistent use, I will definitely be stocking up on these and I would recommend that anyone over 25 at least give them a try.



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