Blender Cleanser by Beauty Blender Review – Cleaning My Sponges!

Blender Cleanser by Beauty Blender Review – Cleaning My Sponges! 

Blender Cleanser by Beauty Blender Review - Cleaning My Sponges!

Hello everyone!  I wanted to share my experience using the blendercleanser solid by Beauty Blender.  (Blendercleanser solid $16)


The beautycleanser solid sells for $16 and is meant to clean and prolong the life of your beauty blender sponge.  I have previously used different makeup brush cleansers to wash my beauty blenders and this was my first time trying the beauty blender solid.


As you can see my sponges pre-wash are pretty dirty.  I also washed my ecotools makeup sponge in this batch.

I simply put them in some warm water and started gently scrubbing away.


I was struggling to get some of the spots off from my sponges but the blender cleanser was working fairly quickly and I could see my sponges getting cleaner.  After switching out the water several times as my makeup sponges got it dirty fairly quickly, I decided to switch to hot water to see if I could speed up the process a little.


The warmer water definitely made the makeup come out of my sponges much faster and they cleared up almost completely.


After only about 10 minutes of work my beauty blender sponges and others were looking pretty good!  The only one that I couldn’t fully clean was the cream colored one which is my oldest sponge.  So all in all, I would have to recommend the blendercleanser solid by beauty blender for cleaning your sponges.  It was also much more gentle on sponges compared to the regular makeup brush soap I was previously using.  I do believe that using the beauty blender brand cleansing products will help to prolong the life of my makeup sponges.


All clean!  Again you can purchase blendercleanser for $16 directly from Beauty Blender’s website.

Blendercleanser Solid $16



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