Ipsy Glam Bag Unboxing: May 2018

May is technically over, but it was a good month– a month that I spent travelling, visiting family, and snuggling puppies.  So, I may be one of the last people on all the Internet to formally unbox my May Glam Bag, but let’s just chalk that up to me internalizing this month’s theme: “Go There.”

That’s right, May’s Glam Bag was all about travel, and the bag itself certainly reflects this. With its passport-stamp façade, this month’s Glam Bag offers itself as a capsule for beauty adventures past and present.  This post, then, while not current, is certainly keeping in the spirit what Ipsy offered for the month of May.

And so, without further ado, let’s “Go There”:

The first item I received didn’t actually fit in the bag itself, but it was this gorgeous brush from SLMissGlam:

SLMISSGLAM Eyeshadow Brush N15
SLMissGlam N15 Eyeshadow Brush

According to Ipsy’s website, this brush’s gorgeous unicorn/cotton-candy inspired ombre bristles are the product of a collaboration between Ipsy and SLMissGlam that resulted in a design made especially for the folks at Ipsy.

I have received a lot of brushes from Ipsy, but, frankly, that doesn’t bother me a bit.  Especially because, although I mostly get eyeshadow brushes, I never quite get the same brush twice.  And, you really can’t get enough brushes!

Next up, is the one slight disappointment in this month’s bag:

I can truly never have enough eyeshadow, so I love when Ipsy sends me more, but every shadow I received has been in the nude family.  And, considering that everyone who got this shadow in their glam bag either got Cohíba, above, or this stunning blue shade, I was a little disappointed to see that I had this one, which is best described as a sort bronze-gold with notes of olive green.

Color aside, though, I have always been happy with the pigmentation in the Nomad shadows I’ve received in the past, and this is no exception.  I’ve only swatched it so far, but from what I can tell it is very pigmented and goes on smoothly, so it really does seem like a nice product.

Onward– to the next product:

Akar Nutrient Boost Eye Serum Ipsy Unboxing May 2018
Akar Skin Nutrient Boost Eye Serum

I’m mostly indifferent about this eye serum, but the packaging is pretty cute, and you can never really have enough skincare products.  For me, this is the “meh” product that seems to come with every subscription box– it’s the product that is meant to complete the bag, not necessarily to excite you.  That’s this one for me.  And, I’d much prefer an eye serum to a lip balm, hand cream, or hair oil, so, once again, I can’t complain about this.

But, on to the next item:

TRESTIQUE Mini Matte Blur Stick Ipsy Unboxing May 2018

TRESTIQUE Mini Matte Blur Stick Ipsy Unboxing May 2018
TreStique Mini Matte Blur Stick: Blurring Primer and Shine Eraser

I love using the Beauty Face setting on my phone’s camera because of how it blurs out imperfections, so I’m hopeful that this product will be the IRL version of beauty face.  And, if nothing else, I’m always excited to try out a new makeup product.

Last but not least:

Grace & Stella Dead Sea Mud Mask
Grace & Stella Dead Sea Mud Mask

I was most excited about this Grace & Stella mask.  I mean, Grace and Stella are two of my current favorite names, so I’d be lying if I said that that didn’t factor into my excitement.  But, all kidding aside, I have been obsessed lately with mud and charcoal masks and what they do to my skin, so I was super excited for the chance to try out a new mud mask and see how it does against the junk in my pores.  So, stay tuned for an update on that!

Anyway, that concludes this month’s Ipsy haul.  What did you think, how did I do?  If you get Ipsy, what was in your May Glam Bag?  Let us know in the comments below.

And, if there’s anything you saw here that you want to see reviewed, let us know that too!








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