Walmart Beauty Box Unboxing May 2018

Walmart Beauty Box Unboxing May 2018


Just a quick overview of what was in last month’s Walmart beauty box.  I missed this so I am catching up now!  I was most excited about the real techniques beauty sponge!

I only now learned on YouTube that there are variations on what people get in their Walmart boxes.  First I will show what was included in my May 2018 Walmart Beauty Box but I will include some videos of what some other subscribers got in their May boxes.


Meh it was just ok for me but for $5 the beauty sponge by real techniques was still worth it for me.

As promised, here are some other subscribers showing off their May 2018 Walmart Beauty Box.

Walmart Beauty Box | Spring 2018 Val Melton

WALMART VS WALMART- SPRING 2018- unboxing // MELISSA UNBOXINGMOM Melissa Unboxing mom

Walmart beauty box May. 2018 (trendsetter) momof4nicole

Unboxing! Walmart Winter 2018 Beauty Box ! My Rojas

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