SEPHORA COLLECTION HOLY SHEET! Set Unboxing (Includes giveaway a masks!!)



Sephora Collection Holy Sheet – Mask Collection $48 ($97 value)


The Sephora Holy Sheet collection of masks comes with 19 products total.  I am personally surprised it hasn’t sold out yet as these mask sets usually sell out immediately but they redesigned their packaging for their Sephora collection sheet masks so my guess is that they have plenty of these boxes in stock.  That doesn’t mean that this isn’t an amazing deal though.   I personally think Sephora makes some of the best sheet masks around.  Although this box only comes with 4 masks for your face it gives you an opportunity to try different products by the Sephora collection brand.  Most I have tried before but some are definitely new to me.  In fact, I just recently tried their foot and lip masks.  I will be trying a hair mask next week.  The foot mask review is in the process of being written now.

holy Sheet Sephora mask set Unboxing ReviewSephora Holy Sheet masks review Unboxing beauty explore online

As you can see you get a lot for your $48.

4 Sephora Sheet masks Holy Sheet Sephora collection

4 Sheet masks included (prices $6 individually on Sephora’s website).  The set includes the Orchid, Pomegranate, Lotus, and Algae Mask.

Sephora collection eye masks e

4 eye masks included.  Avocado, algae, rose, and aloe.  Priced for $5 each at


4 sleeping masks!  Can’t wait to use these as I am a huge fan of these despite the fact that I have to sleep with a towel to avoid getting stuff on my pillow when I use these.  They sell for $6 each online.



And finally there’s a lip mask, a charcoal nose strip, 2 hair masks, and a hand mask.

Sephora collection Holy Sheet Set Unboxing

Thank you for taking the time to look at the unboxing and leave a comment below for a chance to win a set of masks for yourself!



9 thoughts on “SEPHORA COLLECTION HOLY SHEET! Set Unboxing (Includes giveaway a masks!!)

  1. Wow. You should really do get a lot of bang for your buck here. I have the rose lip mask sitting in my collection right now. I have been saving it for when my lips get really irritated in the Winter. This Winter wasn’t bad, so I never used it. I tend to use masks that my body needs. When I have acne, a purifying mask. That sort of thing, but I just might give myself a spa day and just enjoy it.

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    1. I used one of the lip masks when Sephora had them on sale for $1.50 and it was AMAZING. I don’t care for the foot masks and I think the eye ones are a little over priced to be honest but the lip mask was incredible. Totally worth the $3. I love the eye masks too, I just think they should be priced more like $3.50 or something. $5 is too much. The hand mask is good though. 😊

      You will love the lip mask!!

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