Peter Thomas Roth Facial On The Go Unboxing (with The Cucumber Makeover Cure)

Peter Thomas Roth Facial On The Go Unboxing.  FACIAL ON THE GO KIT at $22



The set includes travel size versions of Peter Thomas Roth’s most popular items such as the anti aging cleansing gel, firmX peeling gel exfoliant, cucumber detox, and the cucumber gel mask.


A $57 value for only $22.  Also if you buy it today there’s a good chance you can get a 15% off code with your order!!


Or you can try the cucumber makeover kit for just $12.  Includes 2 sets of detox eye patches and Peter Thomas Roth’s cucumber mask. 

Peter Thomas Roth Facial On The Go Unboxing
Peter Thomas Roth Facial On The Go Unboxing

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