H2o+ Beauty Haul Favorites – An Unboxing And and Overview

MUST HAVE MINI FAVORITES by h2o+ beauty – Unboxing and Haul.

MUST HAVE MINI FAVORITES by h2o+ beauty - Unboxing

Are you familiar with h2o+ beauty?  If not, their Must Have Mini Favorites is a great place to start.

H2O plus beauty mini favorites Unboxing

This set contains 6 items from h2o+ beauty and is valued at $48.  I recently shared photos of this on my Instagram (even though I purchased the set a couple months ago) and thought I would share some more here with you today.   H2o+ is one of my favorite brands outside of the Sephora universe and I have been using their products for over a decade.  I was first introduced to the brand because Disney Parks started carrying their products in their resorts.  I fell in love with the sea kelp shampoo and conditioner instantly.  It smells like heaven. In fact few smells are more nostalgic for me than the H2o+ Sea kelp shampoo and conditioner.  I still have a couple of their older products around simply because they smell so good that I can’t bring myself to use the last little bit in the bottle and I generally am very good about purging my beauty products.  The set featured above can be purchased online through h2oplus.com directly.

And a little pro-tip, I do recommend buying through them as they usually have better promotions than you will find anywhere else.

The 6 items included in this set are:

1 Elements Keep it Fresh Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin – 2 Fl oz

1 Oasis Hydrating Treatment – .33 Fl oz

1 Infinity+ Renewing Youth Serum – .25 Fl oz

1 Waterbright Color Correcting Mask – .25 Fl oz

1 Sea Salt Body Wash – 2 Fl oz

1 Specialty Care Hand & Nail Cream – 2 Fl oz”*

*As described directly from h20plus.com

h2o plus must have minis set

As I said, this was purchased a few months ago but it’s worth writing about now because everything in it is so great that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again today.  In fact I am out of everything in the set with exception of the hand cream and the sea salt body wash but only because I already had some of both before I purchased this.  They truly are one of my staple brands.  Anyone who has stayed at a Disney resort should be familiar with how lovely the sea salt body wash is.  I personally stocked up on it during the holiday sale.

Other products that I must recommend by h2o+ plus would be any items from their Rapids Collection.  I got a couple items from this line earlier this year and they were worth every penny.

I also think they have an excellent makeup remover.  Elements Shaken Not Stirred Makeup Remover is extremely effective and still somehow gentle.



Also found this lovely little review over on YouTube by BeautiesbyV where she gave an enthusiastic overview with a video called H2o+ Beauty Unboxing/Review .

I highly recommend watching it for anyone who might be on the fence about the brand or unfamiliar with it.  I also suppose the fact that Disney uses the products in their resorts is probably a good indication that a brand is world class.

More gift sets from h2oplus beauty

I also picked up two other items along with the must have minis gift set that included the Waterbright Color Correcting Mask.

H2oplus color correcting waterbright mask

The mask is priced at $42 and works to brighten skin and fade dark spots.  I especially like it because I have sensitive skin and have to avoid ingredients that are generally used to lighten dark spots such as vitamin C.  And although this mask does contain vitamin C, it includes soothing ingredients to help balance out the irritation of the vitamin C for me.  The mask contains ingredients such as aloe, pomelo extract, snow flake flower extract, and allantoin.  The mask can be worn for 10 minutes or if you want to take it a step further, it can be used as an overnight mask.



And finally I picked up this Travel friendly eucalyptus set.

eucalyptus travel set by H2oplus beauty

It includes a body wash, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner.  All for only $12.  That’s $3 a piece for travel bottles of luxury toiletries.  Why pass up that kind of luck?

To check out the full line of h2o+ beauty products for yourself, visit their website and browse a little bit. Or you could always just book a Disney vacation.

H2oplus Beauty Products at Disney resorts grand Floridian Polynesian animal kingdom lodge
Mermaid cat at various Disney Resorts with various h2o+ products

you look nice today

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