BEST DRUGSTORE DUPES – New Elf Dupes Part 5 NEW 2018 – Skincare Edition

BEST DRUGSTORE DUPES – New Elf Dupes Part 5 NEW 2018 – Skincare Edition

BEST DRUGSTORE DUPES – New Elf Dupes Part 5 NEW 2018 – Skincare Edition

Hello again! There’s just too many good products coming out of elf cosmetics right now not to keep up with these dupe posts.  I have always been a fan of the brand and I am not sure what’s going on with them lately but they have been stepping up their game for a while now since introducing skincare items to their lineup.  I am not always a drugstore brand girl but elf has become exceptional and impossible not to notice anymore.  To all my fellow skincare snobs out there, please don’t let your snobbery get the best of you here because you will be missing out on some exciting products.  I honestly think some of elf’s main competitors will be irrelevant here sooner rather than later if elf keeps going uphill with their product quality.  There are a few things that I would like to see elf change that I think would make a huge difference but when it comes to the bottom line (quality of product), they are at almost a 10/10 right now.

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Oh and for anyone that is curious about what I think they need improvement in, it’s mostly packaging, marketing, and expanding their product lines to be more inclusive.

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Ok now let’s get on with the skincare dupes.

best Dupes eye rollers and refreshers

Looking for a dupe for first aid’s detox eye roller?  Well look no further than where you can find their eye refresh that is loaded with similar ingredients and feels just as good on the eyes.  (This one was hard for me to write as first aid is literally one of my top 5 favorite Sephora brands).


“Brighten and refresh the eye area to help alleviate under eye puffiness and dark circles. Infused with Pomegranate, Rosemary, Green Tea, Cucumber, and Grape, this Eye Refresh hydrates and nourishes the delicate skin around your eyes. ”


FIRST AID BEAUTY Detox Eye Roller $26

You can save $23 by going with the dupe on this one.  Still First Aid Beauty’s product is worth it for those who have the extra money.

Next we have a dupe for a product that is of a another brand that I’m a huge fan of and that’s Kora Organics.  Their Noni Glow Face Balm will Set you back $38 and is an awesome product but doubtlessly luxury skincare products are expensive and Kora is no exception.  That’s why I am here to help those who want luxury skincare but without the luxury price tag. For $8 you can get elf’s Prep and hydrate balm that works very similar on your skin.


KORA ORGANICS Noni Glow Face Balm $38

dupe for dr. Jart soothing hydra solution mask

Again, this is a tough one for me because Dr. Jart’s Water Jet Soothing Hydra Mask is one of my all time favorite masks and I use at least one per week but for those who cannot afford to spend a minimum of $24 on sheet masks at Sephora each month but struggle with skin redness, the elf cooling mask is an excellent alternative for 1/3 of the price.  I have personally tried all of these products that I am suggesting will work for dupes and I wouldn’t put something out here that wasn’t an accurate account of my experience with these products.  I still personally prefer the Dr. Jart masks on days where my skin is really irritating me but I did stock up on the elf masks for days when things are not as bad.  I will probably be able to cut back greatly on purchasing my Dr. Jart masks because of this new elf mask.  Especially with summer coming up, this one has been a godsend.


DR. JART+ Sheet Masks – TYPE: Dermask Water Jet Soothing Hydra Solution $6

And finally don’t forget to join elf’s reward system (beauty squad) to earn lots of freebies!  Enjoy $5 off your next purchase by signing up for the free program that also includes free gifts for just joining and birthdays!

Use this promo code for $5 off your next e.l.f. purchase!! ✨

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