Looking for YOU! And other Guest Bloggers to Review Products for Beauty Explore Online!

Looking for YOU! And other Guest Bloggers to Review Products for Beauty Explore Online!


I am looking for some fellow beauty bloggers that would be interested in doing a guest blog spot or multiple posts on beauty explore online.  We have more products to review than our skin can handle at the moment and would love to make some contacts and send it some freebies in exchange for posting your review on Beauty Explore Online.  Of course you are welcome to write an original post or do a product review from an item but I would gladly provide items that you can review for your post.  

Some items currently available for future guest posts are k-Beauty products, Colourpop items, Sephora Collection Products, e.l.f. Makeup and makeup brushes, Tarte bronzers, haircare items, mascaras and a variety of skincare products.  


If you are interested and approved to write reviews, you are free to also include an intro about yourself including links to your blog/Instagram/Twitter so that you also get some promotion. I will also share some of your photos on my Instagram to help promote your blog. All posts will be a team effort!  Please let me know if you are interested in being a guest blogger! 


Feel free to email me at beautyexplorejess@gmail.com for more information and don’t forget to include your blog address and the types of items you are most interested in reviewing.  I am also open to new writers as long as it’s a good fit but for the most part I am looking for writers who already keep blogs themselves.  

Thanks again!

Jessica K. 


You may also visit me on Instagram @beautyexploreonline



Are You A Beauty Blogger That Would Like An Opportunity For Some Promotion and to Expand Your Audience?



5 thoughts on “Looking for YOU! And other Guest Bloggers to Review Products for Beauty Explore Online!

    1. If you are interested, go ahead and send me a message. Canadian shipping rates aren’t too bad but I cannot shop anything aerosol or any nail polish. Maybe we can work together!


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