New Elf Dupes Part Three – Josie Maran , Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Palettes, Smashbox Primers, And Expensive Brushes

New Elf Dupes Part Three – Josie Maran , Laura Mercier Eyeshadow Palettes, Smashbox Primers, And Expensive Brushes

New elf dupes Volume three - Laura mercier Smashbox primer Josie’s maran

More dupes, more better!  Saving money on beauty means you have money for other things.  For volume three of my newest e.l.f. Dupes I have some fun and unexpected surprises.  Elf is seriously stepping it up right now and they are making these way too easy for me.  I can’t wait to see what the brand has around the corner.  This blog is more higher end makeup but elf is one brand that constantly sells great products and I will always give credit where credit is due.

new elf dupes 2018 primes brushes eyeshadows Sephora shimmer sticks

Now for some dupes!! We’ve got primers and fancy full brushes to start.

Smashbox primer dupe elf mineral primer new dupes 2018


SMASHBOX Photo Finish Foundation Primer – $49

Save over $30 by using this full face blending makeup brush dupe by e.l.f. for only $6!  A similar brush sells at Sephora for $38.  I use this brush constantly myself and it doesn’t shed and is extremely full.  You won’t believe the price.  Perfect dupe!

The best Makeup brush dupes Save over $30! Full blending brush dupe by elf cosmetics for $6


SEPHORA COLLECTION PRO Airbrush Sweep #53 $38

This isn’t an exact dupe but it’s close enough and the velvet touch eyeshadows are simply brilliant.  If you haven’t tried them for yourself then you are missing out.  I am don’t own the Laura Mercier set but I am on the lookout for a someone who will swatch it for me as a comparison.

Laura Mercier eyeshadow dupe elf cosmetics beauty explore online new dupes 2018


LAURA MERCIER Editorial Eye Palette Intense Clays

Shimmer shimmer.  You’re going to be needing lots of shimmer sticks to get through those summer festivals.  Try this $8 one from elf and you won’t regret it my friend.  Oh and drink lots and lots of water.

2018 new dupes Shimmer sticks beauty explore online elf dupe


JOSIE MARAN Argan Moonstone Glow Highlighting Stick – $25


Oh and don’t forget about the 50% off sale over at 💜💚💛 That’s why all these posts are possible right now!

Don’t miss this Elf Sale!! (Nearly everything is 50% off!)

What’s on sale today?! Beauty explore online blog

Thanks to elf for the sale!


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