New Dupes Sephora vs. e.l.f. – Save Money!

New Dupes Sephora vs. e.l.f. – Save Money!

Tried and true!  We’ve got a brand new series of dupes for you.  Save major time and money by shopping elf when you can.  I am not always the biggest fan of drugstore makeup and tend to buy most of my products from Sephora but I make exceptions for exceptional brands and E.l.f. is one that is worthwhile as far as I am concerned.  My favorite brands are still Guerlain and Tarte, and the truth is that e.l.f. does leave much to be desired but they are still always working on improving their life line of products and they are impossible to beat as far as price goes if you are shopping on a budget.  These e.l.f. dupes will come out slowly as I try different things but surely I will come up with some new things for you to try.  So far I have found a great highlighter, blush/bronzer duo/ and a set of eye masks all by elf that are comparable to other brands that are currently sold by Sephora for at a much higher price.

New elf dupes Becca dupes NARS dupes eye pads Sephora  and more

These are the first of a elf dupe series.  I hope you will enjoy!

Dupe highlighter BECCA Light Chaser Highlighter $34 & Elf Baked Highlighter $4
BECCA Light Chaser Highlighter $34

First we have a dupe for Becca’s popular and classic highlighter priced at $34 (comes in 4 shades and often on sale for $17).  And the dupe in Moonlight Pearls by  e.l.f. at just $4.  Saving of $30!!!

BECCA Light Chaser Highlighter $34

Elf Baked Highlighter $4

Elf dupe for NARS blush and bronzer in orgasm and laguna

Next up we’ve got the classic NARS BLUSH AND BRONZER DUO.  The shade is Orgasm and Laguna.  The price is price is just $24 because Sephora is only carrying the mini size as of right now.

For $20 less at e.l.f. you can get yourself a near identical bronzer duo for JUST $4!!!

Choose FIJI for $4 and win win win.

Beauty explore online elf hydrogel under eye masks karuna renewal eye masks Sephora dupes Pinterest

And finally we we have a set of 4 Karuna eye masks priced At $36 from Sephora’s website. That’s $9 a set.  You can get 3 sets for just $8 at which averages $2.60 per set.


KARUNA Renewal+ Eye Mask $36

Hope you enjoyed these dupes!! More coming soon!!!

Preview of what I am working on . . .

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