Things I Recently Tried and Loved and The Things I Didn’t

Things I Recently Tried and Loved and The Things I Didn’t

Things I Recently Tried and Loved and The Things I Didn’t

I recently blogged about different things I was trying for the week.

Beauty Explore Online Blog 5 New Things Target

It included a list of 5 different items including links where they could be purchased.  This is a VERY short term follow up to a couple of those items as I just a few days into trying these items.

#1 on my list was Real Techniques by Sam and Nic Mini Brushes.  Which I am so far ABSOLUTELY LOVING!  I have already purchased another brush by them and when a sculpting sponge by the brand came in my Walmart Beauty Box this month, I was like “hell yeah!!!”.  These are super high quality and I am a total brush snob.  Oh and this is my first month getting the Walmart beauty box and I am pretty impressed by it.  I buy a combination of high end items and drugstore brands and for $5, it’s cool.  I personally don’t like going into Walmart stores because I hate the lines but the Beauty Box was good.  I probably won’t keep the subscription going but it was a fun try and worth the money.  I just get too much already.  Anyways moving on…

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Review

(Real Techniques Mini Multitask Brush

Real Techniques Mini Medium Sculpting Brush)

#2 on my list was Crest Whitening Therapy – Enamel Care.  And so I am very happy with my new toothpaste.  I can tell a slight difference in my teeth.  I keep meaning to  start using a straw to drink my tea/coffee with but I have been meaning to to do that for years.  Straws are just so bad for the environment.  Plus I just stopped drinking red wine.  How much can you expect from a good girl in her early 30s?  For anyone who knows me, the red wine is a big step.  The only downside to this toothpaste is that you ABSOLUTELY must keep it upright or else it will leak.  I don’t think I have ever bought a toothpaste that insists on being kept so neat.

(Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy Enamel Care – 4.1oz $6.29)

3. Diamond Laser Cut File by Trim.

OMG I am so confused by this nail file 😩😩 I thought I was a crystal nail file person and now I just don’t know.  Is there anything else like this on the market?  I only bought it because it was pretty and I needed a nail file for the moment and now I am loving it.  I will update soon.  I swear to God, Trim, if you up and stop making these before I get the chance to update this, I will not be buying your files again.   Actually, I will buy them and hold onto them for 89 days and then return them to Target for store credit.  Don’t make me be that person.  I really love this file.  Don’t make me crazy.  TRIM MERMAID NAIL FILE

(Trim Mermaid Laser cut Nail File $3.99)

#4 Ecotools total perfecting blender.  All right I’ll admit that this is the only “loser” on my list and I’m so confused that it’s a disaster that I already ordered  a new one just in case I somehow got a defective product.  I am aware that occasionally happens and this product is so highly reviewed that I must try it again.  I know at least 2 people personally who use this and have no idea why I am experiencing the issues that I am with the sponge I purchased.  But mine is literally falling apart as I am using it and I am having little pieces of green sponge in my makeup everyday and when I am using $40+ Fenty foundation, I don’t exactly want to wash my makeup off and start over.  I just want to pick the green stuff off from my face and call it a day.  Major fail so far.  I will try it one last time with a new sponge but if I have the same problem again, I am issuing a warning not to use this brand and/or product.

Ecotools total perfects Sponge $3.89 Target

# 5 Mini Paper Cranes – I have very little to say about these other than that folding paper cranes is more difficult than it looks.  I am still determined to make some though.

Mini Paper Cranes: Fun-to-Fold Origami Birds $9.66

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