5 New Things I will be Trying This Week

5 New Things I will be Trying This Week

Beauty Explore Online- 5 Things I am Trying this week

1. Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush – Target $19.99

vitagoods scalp massager Review

Just wanted to take better care of my scalp and heard this helps promote circulation. Also because I use sulfate free shampoo and conditioners, getting a good lather is sometimes difficult but it’s worth the price of keeping sulfates out of my hair. Hopefully this will help my shampoo get a bit more bubbly.

vitagoods scalp massaging shampoo brush

2. Sephora Collection Moisturizing & Refreshing Body Jelly

It was on sale at Sephora and it looks like fun so I figured I would give it a go.

Sephora Collection Moisturizing Body Jelly $7

Sephora Collection Moisturizing Jelly

3. FIG+YARROW Rosehip + Argan Oil Facial Serum
I have heard great things about this serum and brand. It’s got great stuff in it and I want everything on the website!  Seriously they have some great stuff at FIG + YARROW

FIG + YARROW facial serum $38

FIG + Yarrow facial serum

4. Sephora Collection Soft Touch Cotton Pads.

These things get absurdly great reviews. It’s high time I tried them!

Sephora Soft Touch Cotton Pads $4

Sephora Collection Cotton

5. NYX Loose Pearl Eyeshadow. I bought a couple of them because I have read that they are getting rid of them and they are highly pigmented. I got some for myself and some to use for a future giveaway.

NYX Loose Pearl Pigments $2

NYX Loose Pigment Pearl



3 thoughts on “5 New Things I will be Trying This Week

    1. I love it because I can use less shampoo now! Less soap goes further when the shampoo suds up with the help of the vibrating on my scalp. My head has never been cleaner.


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