e.l.f. Elf Christian Siriano Palette Review by Beauty Explore Online

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This is one item from a recent Elf.com order and it’s such a stand out piece of makeup that I have to make a little review for it.  Granted, I have only used it twice but the colors are absolutely ridiculous and it’s unlike any Elf palette you’ve ever seen before.  Christian Siriano delivered.

Christian Siriano Palette $12

Elf Christian  SIRIANO EYESHADOW PALETTE Looks and Review

Christian Siriano Elf Palette Review

As described on elf’s website:

“Like a bouquet of flowers, this palette is a mix of bold and subtle colors with different textures. Have fun experimenting and creating your own style!

– Christian Siriano”

E.l.f. elf Christian Siriano eyeshadow palette

These are both images directly from elf’s webpage because I didn’t feel like my photos could do the palette’s striking beauty and the richness of the color.   I was able to swatch it on some watercolor paper (which is my new thing) and it feels true to how the colors look.

Christian Siriano Palette swatches and product review by Beauty explore online

I must say that this is hands down the highest quality palette that I’ve ever purchased from elf.  With that said, I love Elf and it’s one of only 2 drugstore brands that I buy regularly (the other being nyx). If you buy one palette this year, make it this one right here.  It sells for $12 and it looks like a $60 eyeshadow palette on your lids.  The brush included is wonderful and unquestionably  gives off a high end vibe and reminds me of a mini brush you would find in an Urban Decay palette.  In fact, it’s kind of like a mini version of the brush that comes in the Naked palettes.  The palette comes with 6 eye shadows (2 for highlighting/base and 4 bold jewel toned colors) and a highlighter that can be used for your eyes or anywhere on your face.

Elf’s Christian Siriano Palette photo by Beauty explore online

The only thing I am bummed about is that the colors don’t seem to be named.  I couldn’t find color names on the box or anywhere on the actual palette.  Maybe we should make up color names for the palette ourselves.  I don’t know.


Ok.  I am ready to hear your suggestions on how to name these colors!

There will certainly be some more reviews or unboxing posts with some of my newest elf products and I have more on the way but I felt that this palette was worth jumping the gun on because these types of items sell out quickly and it’s an amazing palette that you won’t regret buying!

Here are some YouTubers who created great looks using this palette!!

FULL FACE OF ELF COSMETICS | Elf Cosmetics x Christian Siriano | Drugstore Makeup Tut | Victoria Lyn


HIT OR MISS🤨: NEW Elf Cosmetics x Christian Siriano Collection | Yurigmakeup

Elf product haul and reviews from beauty explore online

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