Colourpop HELP!

Colourpop HELP!  I got 99 problems and an individual pan ain’t one.

Colourpop Palettes Filled 2018

Oh Colourpop, Colourpop why am I always buying more pans than I have empty palettes for? Buy any 4 Pressed Powder Shadows for $12 and get a compact palette at checkout for FREE! (Colourpop RIGHT NOW!!)

I just picked up 6 empty palettes that hold four color pans so if I am doing my math ok, I should need 24 new individual Colourpop pans.  So how did I end up with 30?  I simply don’t know.  I also didn’t plan out how to set any of them so I have been playing around with some of the colors to see what I like best.  Either way, I end up with some loose pans, which always drives me insane but here’s a look at the colors I ordered this weekend.


And here’s the official list of the colors:

Colourpop 30 Eyeshadow Palette Colors 2018

Snake Eyes
Fault Line
High Strung
Save it for Later
Rosé All Day
Beam Me Up

Hung Up
Going Steady
Wait for It
Come and Get It
Glass Bull
Making Moves
Ready or Yacht

Comeback Kid
So Jaded
Crown Jewel
Paper Crane
Tiny Tangerines
Tea Garden
Two Birds
Let Me Explain



Currently working on 4 shadow palettes and will share them soon but I am VERY non committal and taking suggestions.


In the meantime, I did pick up some very pretty premade Colourpop eyeshadow palettes, not only for myself but for a couple of upcoming giveaways!!

All I See is Magic Palette $20

Colourpop giveaway all I see is magic palette beauty explore online blog

My Little Pony Palette $16

colourpop my little pony eyeshadow palette beauty explore online

Take Me Home Palette $10 (Sale from $12)

Colourpop take me away Palette beauty explore online blog beauty

Element of Surprise Palette $16

Colourpop element of surprise eyeshadow palette

Golden State of Mind Palette $20 (Sale from $26)


Dream St. Palette $16

Dream Street Colourpop Palette Giveaway by Beauty Explore Online

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